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Kneeling Chairs/ Stools

Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs, Kneel Chairs in either Wood or Steel

Kneeling Chairs (or kneeling stools) provide an innovative ergonomic solution to back pain and discomfort caused by inappropriate posture when sitting.

Sitting on a kneeling chair puts you in an upright position where your posture automatically corrects, improves and adopts the natural s-shape of your spine. By preventing excessive pressure on the lower part of your spine this helps you avoid lower back pain.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs, after the first few days when you get used to adopting the correct posture, allows for fatigue free sitting, all day long. Ideal as an office desk chair or computer desk chair!

Brand: TEK Model: TK-M0001CH
Ergonomic Posture Chairs in Charcoal BlackErgonomic kneeling chairs / stools naturally promote correct posture when sitting.These variable height wooden kneeling chairs provide an ergonomic office chair that is the perfect solution to back pain caused by inappropriate or incorrect sitting po..
Ex Tax:£100.00
Brand: TEK Model: DOS-KNS
Steel framed ergonomic kneeling chair/stool with comfortable cushioned knee pads. Available in either Black or Blue fabric with Silver or Black frame These excellent ergonomic stools naturally promote correct posture when sitting so make the perfect choice for either the home or office envi..
Ex Tax:£91.67
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